The Water Buffalo is overseen by a Board of Directors. Board members shall hold office for a staggered six (6) years with one third of the Board rolling off every two-years, subject to the restriction that there is a least one new board member added per year. The President will serve for 2 years and remain on the board for a minimum of one additional year. Daily Club operations are overseen by a full time Executive Director who reports to the President of the Board.


President: John Saunders

Past President:  Vincent Calcagno

Rob Deutschman

Bill Eicher

Robb Greenspan

Eddie Greenwald

Greg Kushner

Bruce Mandel

Jeff Newman

Ara Oghoorian

Russ Richker

Past Presidents of the Water Buffalo Club

Vincent Calcagno

Rob Deutschman*

Eddie Greenwald*

Bruce Mandel

Jeff Newman

Marty Nislick*

Mitch Pindus

Les Rodin

Rick Schenkel

*Founding Member