Concerned Citizens Community Involvement

Mission: Beginning in 2014, CCCI began its course to bridge the educational resource gap between urban communities and the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math based curriculum through providing various programs in Title 1 schools.

Year Founded: 2014

Principals: Chris Baccus, Executive Director

Location: Inglewood, SLA and surrounding neighborhoods

Number of Kids Served: 150 annually

Silver Bullet Grant: Robots, Computers and Hot Spots to bring program to one new school.

Charity Group Comments: “Thank you Water Buffalo Club! We appreciate your support and we are looking forward to making many good things happen because of your efforts. One of the best benefits was getting to share our story and collaborate with the other charities that we met when we presented to your members. We are looking to working together in the future with some of the other charities, to bring The Limitless Initiative to their students! We are in the same community and look to share resources. Thank you for all that you do and for making introductions! We are LIMITLESS!” Chris Baccus, Executive Director

Children’s Music Fund

Mission: Children’s Music Fund is dedicated to providing music therapy and musical instruments to children and young adults affected by chronic conditions or life-altering illnesses, as well as to support quantitative research on such efforts.

Year Founded: 2001

Principals: Jason Liu, Executive Director

Location: Los Angeles County

Number of Kids Served: 2,350 kids annually

Charity Group Comments: “Many, MANY thanks! This will bring joy and healing to so many children faced with chronic illnesses. We appreciate your support.”Raffi Tachdjian M.D., MPH, Founder/President

Caesura Youth Orchestra

Mission: The Caesura Youth Orchestra (CYO) is based on the El Sistema model to provide urban youth with a positive community where they can, through music, experience a break from the negative impact of drugs, gangs and economic disadvantages.

Year Founded: 2013

Principals: David Ferguson, President

Location: Glendale, CA

Number of Kids Served: 150 annually

Silver Bullet Grant: Musical Instruments

Charity Group Comments: “Thank you so much for encouraging us to apply when we didn’t get funding the first two times! This is so exciting and will make a huge difference in the lives of the children we serve” David Ferguson

Better With Books

Mission: Better With Books (BWB) is dedicated to fostering a love of reading to children in need and to providing volunteers with the hands-on transformational experience of making a difference in the community. BWB has built 280 Little Libraries for nonprofit organizations throughout the community, reaching countless thousands of children and families each year. Their motto is, “Give a child a book, change the world.”

Year Founded: 1983

Principals: Barri Evans, Founder

Location: Los Angeles County

Number of Kids Served: 10,000 students in 2017

Silver Bullet Grant: Books and Book Marks

Charity Group Comments: My greatest joy is putting a book into the hands of a child and seeing their eyes light up. At Better With Books, we believe that books and libraries help inspire thinkers and dreamers. It is through reading that the next generation of healers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, innovators, and philanthropists will be created.” Barri Evans, Founder

Access Books

Mission: Complete refurbishment of LAUSD Title I elementary school libraries; designed to make libraries a FUN and HAPPY place to read and get inspired.

Year Founded: 1999

Principals: Dr. Rebecca Constantino, Founder/Executive Director

Location: Various locations throughout Los Angeles

Number of Kids Served: 350-400 K-6 students per school. The WBC currently funds 5-6 Title 1 elementary schools annually.

Silver Bullet Grant: A complete overhaul of an antiquated school library to bring it totally up to date. This includes new books, cataloging, furniture, and a new, bright decor.

Charity Group Comments: “Our library was closed for several years due to a lack of funding from LAUSD. The Water Buffalo Club helped rekindle the love of books in so many of our students to prepare them for the most basic life skill…reading.”  Local Elementary School Principal

List of WBC/AB Library Refurbishments:

May 9, 2009-Vine Street Elementary School ~ March 5, 2011-Grant Street Elementary School ~ April 27, 2013-La Ballona Elementary School-September 7, 2013-Angeles Mesa Elementary School ~ October 26, 2013-Amestoy Elementary School ~ March 1, 2014-Grape Street Elementary School ~ March 14, 2014-Lincoln Elementary School ~ May, 14, 2014-El Rincon Elementary School ~ September 1, 2014-West Athens Elementary School ~ September 13, 2014-52nd Street Elementary School ~ October 14, 2014-Carver Elementary School ~ November 15, 2014-107th Street Elementary School ~ February 21, 2015-Reseda Elementary School ~ March 14, 2015-Griffin Elementary School ~ April 18, 2015-Compton Elementary School ~ April 25, 2015-95th Street Elementary School ~ May 7, 2015-Tom Bradley Global Awareness Magnet Elementary School ~ December 12, 2015-112th Street Elementary School ~February 6, 2016-Woodcrest Elementary School ~ February 27, 2016-20th Street Elementary School ~ April 16, 2016-Rosecrans Elementary School ~ May 21, 2016-McKinley Elementary School ~ February 11, 2017-Meyler Elementary School ~ March 18, 2017-Flournoy Elementary School ~ April 29, 2017-Barrett Elementary School ~ September 23, 2017-Washington Elementary School ~ November 4, 2017-93rd Street Elementary School

A Chance For Children

Mission: A Chance for Children strives to empower at-risk youth by providing the opportunities to set goals and the tools to achieve them. We fight to instill the belief that no child is limited by their surroundings or upbringing. By encouraging dreams and consistently exposing them to new experiences outside the dangers and struggles of their daily lives each child will have a chance for a better future.

Year Founded: 1992

Principals: Greg Bonann Co-Founder, Tai Collins Co-Founder/Executive Director

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Number of Kids Served: 1000 annually

Silver Bullet Grant: The WBC partners with ACFC to sponsor Little Libraries. To date, WBC has funded 15 Little Libraries in various LAPD Station lobby’s and Housing Developments.

Charity Group Comments: “Thank you, Water Buffalo Club! We appreciate your generosity; because of your support we were able to put Little Libraries in all of the LAPD branches! Giving a children a book of their own truly helps them to expand their world and feel loved.” Tai Collins