Field Trips

Kids Exploring the World Around Them

The Watts Housing Developments are less than 20 miles from the Santa Monica Pier and yet many of the children who reside in Watts have never seen the ocean. They’ve never been to a movie theater or been to see a professional sporting event.

The WBC hosts several field trips throughout the year, expanding the world for these children beyond their neighborhoods. These memorable occasions continue to be a meaningful way for our members and their families to become personally involved with the kids we support, and to see how the WBC dollars benefit those in need.

Sponsored Field Trips
Sponsorships are always welcome! Consider supporting the WBC at one of these fun events.

Science in Action Day
150 little scientists are invited to experience our fun-filled Science In Action Day where they will get to participate in various hand-on science themed activities at locations such as the Griffith Observatory, California Science Center and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Sports Events
Professional sports events are always special! Enjoying an afternoon at Dodger Stadium or a game at the STAPLES Center; it’s an experience these kids will never forget!

VIP Tours
VIP tours of Disney Studios, Warner Bros. and the Grammy Museum help to plant seeds for future entertainment industry careers.

Summer Celebration
250 kids kick off their Summer with the Water Buffalo Club at our Summer Celebration event, where we spend a day at the places like the Santa Monica Pier, the Los Angeles Zoo, or the Long Beach Aquarium. For some of these kids, it will be the first time they’ve been to the beach or gotten to see an animal up close and personal.  

Holiday Celebration
100 kids enjoy a private shopping experience at a local bookstore, visit with Santa and then attend a private screening of current holiday hit movie! This is often the only holiday celebration these kids will experience.

“I appreciated the field trip to Griffith Park Observatory. I learned many things like there is more than one galaxy. Without a doubt, I want to be a scientist.”
– Adriana, 5th Grade, Myler Elementary School

I have need gotten to pick my own books out at a Book Store. I can’t believe I got to buy brand new cookbooks. I want to be a chef and these books will help me improve my cooking.
– 4th Grade Student, 93rd Street Elementary School