Literacy Programs

Our Commitment to Inspiring Our Kids to Read

Whether we’re refurbishing Title 1 elementary school libraries, building libraries for the lobbies of law enforcement stations or purchasing books for charities promoting children’s literacy, our goal is simple—help children to be curious through reading books and to become better readers.

Approximately 25% of the grants that we award are connected to literacy programs. We’ve partnered with organizations that provide instructional bilingual workshops that help underserved parents read to their kids. We’ve placed books in the hands of terminally ill children, and we’ve supported children’s reading clubs. With the support of family foundations, corporations and individual donors, there is no limit to the number of schools we can help or children to whom we can provide literacy support. 

“Thank you for your generous donation to our school. Your gift will impact children for years to come.”  
– Grace Lee, Principal 118th Street Elementary School