Sense of Safety

In 2019, The Water Buffalo Club partnered with the LAPD, USC’s Sol Price School of Pubic Policy, and A Chance for Children to create a new public safety initiative that brings together a powerful, multi-pronged community partnership to support The Hero In You Foundation’s Rocket Rules for Safety Program. Developed for children ages 3-9, a vulnerable and overlooked age-group, the goal is to teach situational and sensory awareness and action skills that kids can apply in real-life Active Threat situations. We aim to promote knowledge that leads to smart, split-second decisions in a variety of scenarios and surroundings.

The Sense of Safety Initiative is intended to support best practices, safety drills and policy procedures from law enforcement and Homeland Security, while maintaining age-appropriate, social-emotional sensitivity for this challenging subject. Created with LAPD and experts in public safety, education, childhood psychology and children’s entertainment, the Rocket Rules books, animated videos, lesson plans and activities are designed to promote awareness and develop cognitive choices that children can learn, practice and share.

Subjects covered in the Sense of Safety Activity Book are: Calling 9-1-1; Using the Buddy System; Traffic Safety; Locating Exits; Finding Landmarks; Identifying Safe and Unsafe People and Places; Dangerous Objects; Evacuation Plans; Finding Safe Zones; Staying Calm; Knowing Emergency