Concerned Citizens Community Involvement

Mission: Beginning in 2014, CCCI began its course to bridge the educational resource gap between urban communities and the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math based curriculum through providing various programs in Title 1 schools.

Year Founded: 2014

Principals: Chris Baccus, Executive Director

Location: Inglewood, SLA and surrounding neighborhoods

Number of Kids Served: 150 annually

Silver Bullet Grant: Robots, Computers and Hot Spots to bring program to one new school.

Charity Group Comments: “Thank you Water Buffalo Club! We appreciate your support and we are looking forward to making many good things happen because of your efforts. One of the best benefits was getting to share our story and collaborate with the other charities that we met when we presented to your members. We are looking to working together in the future with some of the other charities, to bring The Limitless Initiative to their students! We are in the same community and look to share resources. Thank you for all that you do and for making introductions! We are LIMITLESS!” Chris Baccus, Executive Director