Dan Hernandez Youth Foundation

Mission: The Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation’s mission is to engage youth with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of fishing, with an emphasis on good sportsmanship, environmental awareness, marine sciences, safety and fun. The Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation’s vision is to help build healthy families and stronger communities by involving them in outdoor activities.

Year Founded: 2001

Principals: Dan Hernandez, Founder

Location: Los Angeles County

Number of Kids Served: 5,000 kids annually

Silver Bullet Grant: Fishing Equipment

Charity Group Comments: “The support that you’ve given our Foundation has had a huge impact, not only on the children who attend our events, but their families. Our events continue to grow, having additional rods and reels will help us to better serve our kids! Thank you, WBC, for all that you do and for helping us to introduce the sport of fishing to kids, many of whom, have never been to a lake or seen the ocean before attending one of our events!” Dan Hernandez, Founder