Mission: Las Fotos Project, a project is a non-profit, community-based photography program whose mission is to bring about positive change for teenage girls facing adversity. Through one-on-one mentoring, photography trainings, and assigned field projects, Las Fotos Project provides a creative outlet for students, encouraging them to express their artistic talents and explore their imagination, while building self-confidence.

Year Founded: 2010

Principals: Eric Ibarra, Founder

Location: East Los Angeles, studio in Lincoln Heights

Number of Kids Served: 150 per semester

Silver Bullet Grant: Equipment for a Dark Room

Charity Group Comments: I founded Las Fotos after seeing a need for teenage girls throughout Los Angeles to have a skill that could help build their confidence and self-esteem. Las Fotos Project works with girls throughout Southern California, and has developed partnership with national and international nonprofit organizations and schools to expand the movement of inspiring teenage girls through photography and self-expression. Our current focus is on the Central, South, and East Los Angeles regions of Los Angeles. We are grateful for partnerships like the one we have with the Water Buffalo Club.” Eric Ibarra, Founder