Topanga PAL

Mission: Our ultimate goal is a community without crime, where children have equal access to opportunity, and where peace officers help drive the community’s vitality. Through a partnership between community and law enforcement, PAL’s mission is to nurture young people to become responsible, productive, and law abiding citizens by offering character-building, educational, sports, and life-enhancing programs.

Year Founded: 2014

Principals: LAPD Officers Johanna Lopez, Kenneth Johnson and Juan Estrada

Location: Canoga Park

Number of Kids Served: 465

Silver Bullet Grant:  Equipment and supplies to start Topanga PAL’s wrestling program

Charity Group Comments: “LAPD Topanga PAL Wrestling program started in November of 2014 with 12 kids, four months later it grew to 27 kids and is continuously growing. Wrestling builds character that contributes to ones ability to become a responsible member of society.  Thank you, Water Buffalo Club, for helping us to bring wrestling to our kids!”  Juan Estrada, LAPD Officer/Wrestling Coach